Fuck is my favourite term of endearment.



“I still am looking for a pretty quote to put here.”

Lynn - gryffindor - she/her - none gender with left female.


anyway here’s a whole bunch of trans-friendly rape recovery hotlines and clinics 

Mass Effect: Mako


Some actual good advice from cosmo that I thought I should put out there


Home Effect / Effectstuck - Space BFF

Shepard: It’s me or they are talking about…. How come they are talking about that while we were running errands??
Rose: I don’t know but I like it a lot…
Shepard: So… trolls have tentabulge?
Rose: I’m talking about it if you tell me about this super sextoy…
Shepard: We have a deal then

There Husk you have it after poping the idea up XD


ME - Little blue children

Happy family on Thessia. I’m opened to suggestion for Shepard and Liara’s daughters name (even if I’m pretty sure one of them will be called Benezia XD)

My babies with their little blue babies X3

Next on the Mass Effect list: Aria because she has been stuck in my head for months already


research time~


space girlfriends


Rachel's birthday gift!


I wish I could wake up like this tomorrow morning.

Where’s my asari girlfriend!?


I was literally asked by a guy today if I was a “real fan” of Mass Effect. Later in the conversation, he called Garrus a “trogan.”

Fleur Delacour + her veela heritage —Anonymous


"If they hate you because you are beautiful," her Papa told her, "If they hate you for your blood, then they are not worth your time."

"Pity them," her Maman added, "Be kind to them, for they are ignorant and do not know it. It’s the worse type of ignorance."

This conversation is hard for her to remember at Beauxbatons. Many English assume her school is for the beautiful and the elite. It isn’t, and even Bill was surprised at it. As a quarter-Veela, Fleur stood out. As a quarter-Veela that embodied the aesthetics of the French, even more so.

The advice her parents gave her was very hard for her to follow until her third year. She could not help being angry at those who already had firm opinions about her without ever having talked to her, and she was angrier still at those who did know her and were cruel. 

Still, she understood that she spoke from a position of near-privilege. She was rich and white and beautiful. Never mind that the history of her people is full of rape and murder and massacres. Never mind that her people still do not have rights world-wide, that some still live in fear of abuse. Never mind that she had an instinctive fear of men, who would watch her too closely as a child, whose hands would linger too long.

And then she turned thirteen, and when she was angry enough, she became hideous. Fleur, far from being dismayed, felt powerful. She did not look like her full-Veela cousins when transformed, but feathers sprouted in her hair, her fingernails became hardened talons, her nose became distinctly beakish, her teeth sharper than a human’s, and it scared even the men to see her like that.

She wielded this ugliness as an armour. She knew what she could become, and suddenly her blood didn’t seem like a burden. 

"I am a quarter-Veela," she tells herself each night, "I am me."

And so if boys fell to her aura, well, then they were weak and unworthy. If girls became envious or resentful, then that was from them and not her, because she did her best to be kind and smart and good. And she studied for her grades, studied for the strength to protect herself, and when she was pushed, she snarled her too-sharp teeth, and Fleur was happy.

The friends she made were good and loyal, and they were the beautiful ones. They were the ones that glowed for her like she glowed for everyone else. 

(It would always be a nuisance, the weak-willed and hateful ones, but no longer was it heavy on her head).


[  ] single

[  ] taken

[x] stuck romancing the same asshole in a bioware game for the 900th time


you start up the new dragon age. excited to make your own character with their own personality and story line. you press start but there is no character creation screen. you don’t choose a name or race or class. there is only one choice and that choice is sandal. you’ve been fooled. you must play as sandal. the only dialogue choices are variations on the word enchantment. it’s the best game you’ve ever played.

Your Body Is Beautiful And You Are A G o d d e s s